July 20, 2008

Edison Saynes as The Prophet & King's Attendant

1. Tell us something about yourself

To my acquaintances I am Edison , to my classmates I am Saynes, to my friends I am Jingle and to my family I am either Ging or Kinkol. And to each name that they call me I show distinct and unique characters to which I believe what actors do in theater—we can be anyone we want to be on stage. Sometimes, we are the characters we play.

Half a decade ago, I quoted: “Ten years from now, I would be a successful nurse, but I would not hold my acting career. Most probably, I would be an actor and a nurse at the same time—no kidding!” This was what I told myself back then, but I learned nursing was not for me and I assume theater is! I may have given up being a nurse but I will never give up theater.

TRIVIA TIME!!! WEE!! (5 things you should know about JINGLE)

1. I have a stuffed animal (chicken) who I bring to the theaters I perform in. (this craze started not long ago.)

2. I spread love through the JINGLE POSE.

3. I challenge people—in any way possible. ack!

4. I love body bags.

The Last and the most important..
NOTICE: keep this a secret.

5. I AM JOHNNY DEPP. €ö3 €ö3 €ö3

2. Why did you decide to audition for this play?

I have always been hungry for theater. There is not a single call from companies for open auditions that I did not know of. I always wanted to audition to all of them but to certain circumstances, I was not able to.

I heard of the auditions for Siddhartha from our Theater teacher in San Carlos . An hour after I knew about it, I searched the net and thought it was the same play running in theaters abroad that the Cebuano producers are planning to stage, little did I know, it was an acquaintance who is the playwright/musical director of Siddhartha (yes, Jude and I weren’t friends yet). I was also auditioning for another play and joining both musicals would be impossible to do, but I still decided to push thru with Siddhartha, which was the right choice.

Aside from my passion for theater, I had my friends auditioning for Siddhartha which was also my drive.

3. How did you feel when you were chosen for your role as one of the attendants, a monk and even the Prophet Assita?

Whew! Thank you for the question! Hehe.

I really had fun being part of the ensemble—dancing to almost all of the numbers in the play, the excitement of memorizing the steps, the gazillion costumes I would be switching and all. When I was chosen to play as Bhadrika and as the monk, it was a challenge and a big responsibility for me to give justice to the characters.

A much bigger surprise came to me when we were to re-stage the musical in CCP. Ms. Daisy and Jude gave me the chance of auditioning for the roles Assita and the King—I was eyeing for the latter.hehe. Not getting the king’s role was quite a disappointment but it I did not allow it to pull my enthusiasm down because I have always believed that “There are no small roles, only small actors.” So instead of sulking on my disappointment, I spent time on studying my role, making a 3-D of the character and believing I was the prophet. Later, I found out, and realized it was no easy job being—it was physically and emotionally challenging! Whew!

4. Have you had any previous experience with musical theater?

I was under Michael Williams in a musical theater workshop which culminated in a musical entitled Godspell and before that I was part of a Visayan Zarzuela.

In my elementary and high school days, I was a part of several musicals in school plays (West Side Story,Southa Pacific and Beacons of Freedom) and several straight plays in college.


plus loan said...

Can you add some more photos?

plus loan

kinkoL said...

woot!!! hihi. thanks for the post miss!

€ö3 said...

5. I AM JOHNNY DEPP. €ö3 €ö3 €ö3

waaaah.. you are.. you are?? hmmm.. i am a princess.. and a unicorn.. and a mermaid and a butterfly.. €ö3 weee.. bwahahaha now how does that look?? hahaha

kinkol said...

plus loan, yeah,i wouLd Love to add more photos! hihi

kinkol said...

€ö3, that wouLd LOok awfuLLY weird,haha.

Anonymous said...

the play was plainly awesome! congrats Edison, for a job well done. Splendid indeed...

Queen Blood said...

i saw your play at SM. The prophet was really good on stage. Keep it up guys and more power!

Von said...

You are very good in stage. More power to you JOHNNY DEPP (lol). The theater needs someone as dedicated and passionate like you...

Anonymous said...

You are very funny in stage as well! Your versatility will surely bring you somewhere BIG!! Siddhartha's lucky to have met you. hehehe

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thanks much for the generous comments! wee! hihi