July 18, 2008

Meet Alexander Bryan Go

Bryan, as we fondly call this guy, takes part as one of the citizens of Kapilavastu. From being an old bhramin, a funny jester, a poker faced palace guard, one of the charioteers (to which he would tell me, "miss Michelle, the carriage is so heavy!" gesturing to his bony shoulders and making me laugh) to being one of the community people, he has been one of those BLIA Youth members who stuck it out and gave his best.

1. Tell us something about yourself.

I'm Alexander Bryan Go, a graduate of Bachelor Science in Information Technology. I'm currently the Vice President of Buddhist Light International Association Cebu Chapter --Youth.

I speak many languages from english to cebuano, tagalog, chinese both fukien and mandarin. I seem to have this knack for troubleshooting computers from hardware to software and love making programs using C++, Java, php and html. I am also adept in using AS400 and msql database.

And most of all, I take pride in being a cast of the musical Siddhartha.

2. Why did you audition for this play?

We joined the auditions because Master Chueh Lin and Master Ru Sin asked all the BLIA Youth members to join. And well,
I was
also encouraged by someone whom I treasure very much. I still recall how we intended not do it properly but seeing one of our members trying her best, I also found myself following her example. As time flew with rehearsals going on regularly, I saw how the other BLIA youth members was starting to quit because of certain reasons; that I also found myself wanting to quit. But Erin Bulfango, one of the cast back then, encouraged me to stick it out. And I'm pretty glad I did.

3. Have you had any previous experience with musical theater?

Well actually no i don't have any experience. Siddhartha was my first musical theater experience.

4. In a word, what's it like being a Siddhartha Cast?


Blessed to have a new 'family' with the cast. Also, I'm truly grateful to be part of it because it build my character and gave me the chance to share to others about enlightenment.