July 27, 2008

A Chat with Crystal Lei Cajes

1. Tell us something about yourself.

My name is Crystal Lei Cajes. I was born in Cebu, Philippines and I grew up here too. I studied at the University of San Carlos taking up Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I work as a Technical Support in 1&1 Internet Philippines and I could say that we are the number 1 web hosting company in the world.

I love going to the beach, sitting beside the shore watching the sun as it goes down, waiting for the stars and the moon to exist and listening to the sound of the waves as it splashes towards my feet. I love singing, dancing and performing on stage with my happy heart.
It's actually my passion that I cannot stop.

2. Why did you audition for the play?

I don't know. It simply happened. When I auditioned, I didn't understand what I was feeling way back. I was just so happy. My feet brought me to this musical play to learn and grow as an individual. Even though my family kept on telling me that it will bring me no good but still I continue to what I believe is right.

Even up to now I could still remember how it began and every time I think about it I get teary eyed. It resembles tiny bits of seeds which I will never forget for the rest of my life. Whenever somebody would ask me about this production, I would cry and suddenly I am at a loss for words. If I get the chance to live my life all over again, I will still spend my time with this musical for it changed my life. And perhaps When I get old I have something to look back--esp. the family I have in this production. We cry, we sing, we laugh and everything. Somewhere in the future I will share this to my grand children. I will share it to them how it was like to be in the "SIDDHARTHA MUSICAL".

3. Have you had any previous experience with musical theater?

Yes, I was in a musical theater before entitled "Jesus Christ Superstar." It was actually a rock musical.

4. In a word, what's it like to be a Siddhartha cast?



Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you Cryst! Just continue doing your "passion" because I believe that whatever is it that you love doing is God's purpose for you so that you may be able to share that to other people. I am really blessed knowing you. GOD bless you always.

Crystal Lei said...

hi miss.. thank you so much for the page.. i miss you so much especially siddhartha family.. many love from me to you..mwahugz!

michelle said...

We miss you too. Thanks for dropping by. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey,girl! Now I was able to get through the page without being taken off from it(i tried to accessing it in the office).
Anyway, what can I say, I never had met someone who's as versatile as a goddess like you! I mean, you shock me when we had our team building, coz you practically took care of our stomach!Hehe! Who would think that a goddess knows that much in the kitchen, ha?hehehe!
Change gear, as I was saying, you're the kind of person who has the right drive in her life, knows what she wants, does what she wants, and never miss to smile even in the most down moments! :)
whatta Goddess!!! :)
Anyhow, take care girl!
Keep goin' ... !!!!


Crystal Lei said...

hey katie..
tanx for the comments..
always remember what i keep on telling you..

"Don't forget to put a smile on your face"

Anonymous said...

Tal, gwapa kaau ka sa imu 2nd pic. Perfect make -up..hahaha. Gwapa man jud ka.hihihihih

kryztal said...

Thanx sa comment..heheh.. butange sad tawn ug name ue para maka ila ko..heheh..
siddhartha.. here we come again..hehhe
i miss siddhartha family..
see yah on saturday..

Anonymous said...

C darren ni ui! Ako ang ngcomment sa imung 2nd pic. nindut kaau ug angle. well3x.. Magaling3x!!! hehehe

Kryztal said...

Thank you for the comment..