August 05, 2008

Getting to Know Renejane Dagala

1. Tell us something about yourself.

Im Renejane H. Dagala, 27, a professional mathematics teacher. This is my 6th year of being a teacher and DBTC (Don Bosco Technology Center) has been the second school that I have taught.

2. Why did you audition for the play?

I came to know about the play because of the musical director Mr Jude Thaddeus Gitamondoc, who told me to audition. He didn't mention that he was the scriptwriter and musical director of the said play then. I kept on refusing him for he had informed me of the audition dates and just told him that I'd be busy plus I didn't know any of the people who have also auditioned.

But my friend Johanna texted me that we will go together to audition, and so I found myself saying I'll give it a try. (We auditioned in the house of the artistic director...actually,I was really shy to audition since I can't dance gracefully...hehehe)

But then, I found myself auditioning. I guess I miss being in a production (it was already 6 years since my last production...)

3. Have you had any previous experience with musical theater?

As mentioned, I had been to two musical productions in the past 6 years. One of which was "God in Motion" which was also directed by Daisy Ba-ad, the artistic director also of Siddhartha.

4. In a word, what's it like being a Siddhartha Cast?


Everything was just wonderful...the experience...the lessons learned...the ever loyal and supportive friends I have met along the way...everything was just so inspiring and full of gratitude and love...hehehe...

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