July 15, 2008

Marie Antoinette Gorgonio as Princess Yasodhara

1. Tell us something about yourself

I am Marie Antoinette R. Gorgonio, 22 years old and currently residing in Cebu, Philippines. I have an older brother, John Paul, who is 5 years older than me. I am a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Nursing. But as of the moment, I am having a grand time being a violin and voice teacher to kids. My favorite pastime include reading (loved books from author like Paulo Cuehlo, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, JRR Tolkien and most esp. the Bible which I read every night), walking, solving puzzles and answering Sudoko. (chuckles) I find joy in laughter and seeing people happy; more so when a person is inspired to do good because of the things that I do - singing, acting, dancing and playing music on stage and in churches. So I continue to want to learn more about these things. I love God and I offer all of my performances to Him as my way of praising Him.

2.Why did you audition for this play?

A friend told me about the Siddhartha musical and since some of my friends were auditioning, I also went along with them; and also because I love performing on stage. But it wasn't always like this. In the beginning, I love mostly doing backstage work. I was inspired with the work of the production crew --super busy communicating with directors and assisting the actors and singers--and when the show is over, they also feel a different kind of fulfillment.

3. What did you feel when you were chosen to be Princess Yasodhara?

I had mixed feelings of shock, wonder and excitement when I was chosen as one of the Princess Yasodharas. I wasn’t expecting it, hence, the shock. During the auditions I was imagining myself running from east to west, north to south, being a personal assistant to a famous singer or musician seemed to be really fun and fulfilling. Secondly, it’s wonderful because I have this chance to do something bigger than what I have ever done in the field of singing and acting. Thirdly, excitement as well because I felt that God wanted me to do something different that may somehow change the lives of others. Aside from all these, I was just so full of eagerness to learn more about my craft. I guess exploring and improvisations in life make me very much excited.

4. Have you had any musical theatre experience prior to this?

I’ve had experiences in singing, acting and dancing in school plays and minor productions. But Siddhartha Musical was my first major production. I was involved with our annual barangay road straightplay “Dalan sa Krus” when I was in high school. The story showed the life of Jesus in parallel to the modern life of people today.

A college professor discovered my skill in singing and he let me joined another school play called “Cry of the People”, depicting the life of Jose Rizal. This led me to enroll in a two-week theatre workshop by Michael Williams. Our culminating program was the “Godspell” musical.
I also participated in “Jesus Christ Superstar” and currently am involved with some choral groups in Cebu.


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government loads and gambling game lottery, i may or may not know you but thank you very much. your comments just inspires me and others to express more our crafts for good and for HIM... i am also very thankful to Ms Michelle who made this site and enhanced our interviews, she and her bestfriend who happens to be the director of Siddhartha became our guardians and angels... thanks again. GOD bless you!