July 13, 2008

Johannah Lavajo as Princess Yasodhara

1. Tell us something about yourself.

I would rather have everyone call me by my nickname "HANNING" than mispronounce my first name "JOHANNAH"
I’m more of a night-person.
Bags and sandals are my stress-relievers!

2. Why did you decide to audition for Siddhartha?

My last theater production before Siddhartha was in 2004. So, when my good friend Jude Gitamondoc introduced this project to me months before this was officially opened for auditions, I promised to myself that I will do the auditions not even considering the soon-to-be conflicts on my work schedule! That was how much I missed theater arts!

3. What did you feel when you were chosen to take on the Princess Yasodhara role?

THEATER ARTS is the "love of my life". I enjoy every single time I'm on it. Whether I am an actor or one of the production crew ---- it all feels the same for me. But when I knew that I will be playing Yasodhara for the Taiwan shows, I was really excited yet the pressure of meeting everyone's expectations was even more overwhelming. I felt that it was slowly taking over my creativity but I was so fortunate to have a very good director --- Miss Daisy Baad and a very supportive Siddhartha family. They were all there --- they gave me the push to give it my best.

4. Have you had any musical experience prior to this?

I have been a part of several local theater productions, in which I have been privileged to do almost every aspect of theater arts --- from being an usherette, selling tickets, as house manager, as a sets and props staff, doing the makeup for the casts, production manager and actor. All these have empowered me in so many ways!

July 2007
Cast: Siddhartha: A Musical Journey to Enlightenment

November 2004
Cast: Bus Terminal

January 2004
Production Staff: KM 50, The Musical

November 2003
Cast: General Mickey, The Musical

June 2003
Cast: Our Town

January 2002
Production Manager: V-Day Cebu (Vagina Monologues)

Siddhartha in Taiwan

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