April 26, 2009

Reviews of Siddhartha Musical - Iloilo and Bacolod Shows

"Siddhartha is a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL production. The cast should be congratulated -- some of the performances were truly outstanding. May you go forward to many places in the world bringing the wonderful message of Siddhartha."

By: Hazel Andrea Stuart, FRPS, FLCM
British Embassy Warden
Andrea-Stuart Television Productions (Winners of five international Communicator Awards and producers of the series "A Grain of Sand", fully digital TV documentaries.)


...the play was magnificently engrossing, fascinating, and compelling ...musical numbers were beautifully sung and choreographed ...dance pieces and the repertoire of songs were beautifully crafted, which truly contributed to the success of the play.

...the performances splendidly and brilliantly showcased a wonderful form of art that truly displayed how best they were in their craft... and made significant connections with the audience that wonderfully awakened its sensory senses to enlightenment.

..."Heaven is in our Hearts' was captivating and uplifting as beautifully rendered by the child Buddha...unforgettable that until now it reverberates to me.

...on a personal note, I made some realizations in my life after I had viewed the musical play. My appreciation to the true spirit of Buddha has become more profound. I have been enlightened to the deeper meaning of the Four Noble Truths and to the Noble Eightfold Path.

...I now deeply believe that, "If people became a true follower of the Path of Buddhism, there would be no more sufferings, which would lead every people's life to the ultimate happiness".

Excerpts from the letter written by Dr. Carmen P. Santos
Principal, Iloilo Central Commercial High School,
Iloilo City


A warm congratulations to everyone. We were very much fascinated with the great show you have. The singers sing like angels in heaven. The dancers dance like floating clouds in the sky. I also like the narrator whom he delivered his lines as clear as the water of the Nile River. We observed that the main characters wore elegant costumes and with great voices.

We would like to congratulate all those who did the props and lighting during the show. They were excellent.

In this musical show Buddha taught the people to forget selfishness and work for the common good....Siddhartha left his earthly wealth, wife, and family to seek truth to overcome world suffering.

The show taught us much lessons how to be simple, selfless and more sensitive to the needs of everyone.

By: Engr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Gepilango
Iloilo City, Philippines

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