July 22, 2008

Something about Daryl Shane Leong

Daryl joined the Siddhartha group just recently and was able to perform in Taiwan with the rest of the cast. He took on several roles from being a slave, a jester to being one of the community people.

A quiet and nice young man, he is easy to get along with. This young performer sings quite well and is one of Siddhartha's understudy.

1. Tell us something about yourself

I am Daryl Shane Leong, 20 years old
stands 5'9"
weighs 125 lbs.
retarded nurse, *registered...hihi

2.Why did you audition for this play?

I have been hanging out with my friends who were involved in the production in different way and back then, I was the only one who's not a Siddhartha cast. I've been thinking twice in auditioning because i am not so good in dancing but the thought that I might miss a lifetime opportunity made me decide to audition.

3.Have you had any previous experience with musical theater?

I played the role of Joseph Freinademetz in the musicale "One Heart Many Faces" produced by the University of San Carlos, Department of Religious Education.

4.In a word, what's it like being a Siddhartha cast?



kinkoL said...

a man of few words..that's daryL! hihi.

donnelu said...

Frend? Ikaw si Joseph Freinademitz sa One HEart Many Faces? Kita man ko ato .. hahahahah ... nice man to ..